We are conveniently located in Memphis.


This is the perfect location because 40% of the United States population can be served by overnight trucking from Memphis. However, with 2-day trucking that increases to 70%. It’s also the busiest cargo airport in the United States. This means that you can get what you need much faster, which saves you time and money. Memphis is one of the four United States cities that is served by five class I railroads. It also has four national interstate highways (I-40, I-55, I-69, I-22). Valley Distribution & Logistics is on the banks of the Mississippi River, which means we have close port access. This is the 4th largest port on the Inland Waterway System. Plus, 20% of the local workforce is in the distribution industry.

How are we different?

Our location is located right in Memphis, but our distribution center itself is actually located right off of two major interstates. This makes it easy to get our trucking out there right when it is ordered—which means quicker delivery straight to you! Memphis is a huge place for distribution. It holds a lot of the jobs in the area, and we work hard to get things to you as quickly as possible.

Why is location important?

You need a distribution company that has a good location because it could be the difference between getting your product now or getting your product later. If you are having to wait because the distribution company is on the opposite side of the country, you are losing precious time. And the further the company, the more expensive it is to ship items. Location is one of the top priorities you should consider when choosing a distribution company.

Expansion Coming Soon!

Our commitment to move you forward is taking us to new cities around the United States in effort to be closer to where you call home. We are excited to announce that in the future we will have locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Reno, Nevada!

Memphis, TN

Cincinnati, OH

Reno, NV